Gopal Mani

Founder and Managing Director

Gopal defines vision and strategy, and drives the operations at DBSL. 

With over 20 years of experience in training, skill development, NGO project management and sales, he brings demonstrated expertise in executing large-scale, multi-state skill development and livelihood projects. 

Gopal holds a slew of international certifications: Training and Facilitation of Psychometric Tools, Experiential Learning, Adventures-in-Attitude, Key Account Management and Large Sale Management, and Certified Executive Coach. 

After having strategized and managed turnkey training projects at NIS Sparta Ltd (for Reliance ADAG), Exnora International, Win-Medicare Ltd and Ranbaxy Group, he brings a wealth of experience, domain sensitivity and a vantage view into government skill initiatives, having worked with every tier at the Central Government and State Government levels. He last worked as CEO of the Motor Education and Training Association of India. 

Gregarious by nature and passionate about the Skill India mission, Gopal packs energy and expertise into successfully mobilizing hundreds of skilling projects on the ground. He takes potential employability ratios in the country seriously and can engage you with facts on skilling percentages, training metrics, psychometric evaluations, even cricket or soccer—with equal aplomb. 

An intrinsically people-person, Gopal ensures that he personally reaches out to the DBSL network all over India, mentoring and building values in the extended DBSL family. 

Back home, he has a family of wife and two children, who support and lend to his vision. 

Prem Garg

Co-Founder & Director

Prem personifies a perfect blend of logic and emotions. Thus a balancer between the fast pace of day to day operations and long term steadiness in growth.

His 40 + years of experience in various fields makes him a multi facet personality apt for a mission like ‘Skill Development’. 

He had experienced the logistics industry horizontally as well as vertically which has given him expertise in strategic planning and administration. Drawing from his rich background in one of the leading and largest Logistics & Transport firm, PremGarg’s contribution and inputs have been one of the main pillars for DBSL’s speed of growth. 

During the journey he not only picked up the nittygritties of finace but mastered over the subject, thus making him an authority in corporate finance as w ell as capital markets. Over a period of time he build his expertise in personal finance specializing in insurance.His financial acumen has helped not only individuals but also organizations structure their growth at faster pace. 

His mantra of driving complex problems towards simple solutions has earned him a name as a versatile person with the simplistic approach’. 

His friends as well as colleagues see him as a ‘Problem-solver’ and thus has been a catalyst in many success stories across small and medium business owners. 

An introvert by nature, however an extravagance by kindness makes Prem a unique combination, thus adding humungous value not only to DBSL as an organization but to every stakeholders life. 

At home he is guided by a supportive wife and two lovely children.