• Skilling Program
  • CSR Initiatives
  • Livelihood Linkages
  • Corporate Training
  • Train The Trainer

Skilling Program

We are one of ASDC’s/NSDC’s largest certified partners in the Driving Skill Certification Program The team has pioneered.

  • Reached 15,000 drivers in 10 states
  • Trained 7,000+ drivers and assessed 6,000+drivers within five months
  • Mobilized 200,000 youth across 4,000+ panchayats

CSR Initiatives

We are the pioneers in rolling out the nation’s first ever Women Driver Training and Livelihood program. The program focuses on empowering economically less privileged women in driving skills leading to gainful employment, thus promoting gender equality and women empowerment. It aims to drive a powerful social change within the transport industry.

  • Over 2,000 women trained across 14 locations in one year
  • Women candidates also trained in self-defense and life skills apart from driving
  • Livelihood opportunities provided along with support for licensing process

Livelihood Linkages

Stellar record of placements reinforcing livelihood linkages in our past senior consulting roles, ensuring a pre-tested and staged livelihood ecosystem.

  • Trained over 10,000 individuals in driving skills through retail, corporate and taxicab domains with clients like TCS and RPG.
  • Created, advocated and supported livelihood linkage and sustainability programs for over 50,000 youth over five years.

Corporate Training

The team has created and delivered bespoke learning solutions, ready course offerings, and managed E2E skill to livelihood projects for Reliance ADAG.

  • Managed Holistic Learning and Development Framework across 20,000 employees of Reliance Communications (EBU)
  • Delivered training of over 15,000 hours of ILT/Facilitation and Experiential Learning to 60,000+ audience across business leaders, functional leaders, and middle management and frontline resources.